July 23, 2019


Lima CCM


Elder James Bartling

Summary of video chat 7/23

Austin didn’t have time to chat and write. Here is a summary of what he told us

He got to play the prelude music in sacrament meeting. His companion Elder Bartling played the accompaniment. He said they have an opening song about 10 min before the meeting starts and before prelude so he played choose the right and then prelude. Everyone was amazed when he wasn’t using a book for the prelude.

There is a native missionary that he plays basketball with a lot and he doesn’t speak English so that helps with his Spanish.

He got to leave the CCM one day this week and go on splits with the missionaries in Lima East or West mission and went an hour away. They rode the bus which he described as a little smaller than the Winters van. The elderly people got to sit in the benches and all 8 elders were standing. By the time they got off the bus there were 40 people sardined in. He said the drivers are crazy. They all moved in unison when they went around a turn.

The natives speak really quietly but he said he mostly understands if he can hear them. The teachers speak slowly for them though. The investigators they taught on splits nodded their heads when being taught so he thinks they understood some.

Food is getting better. He knows what to avoid, especially the drink that looks like oatmeal. He got flan one day last week which he liked.

The blue and green shirts in the photos are PE clothes that the CCM provides so you don’t have to wash your own street clothes. I asked how the laundry was going and he said good but he ironed a shirt one day and it was too hot so he has a slight brown spot on the tail of that shirt.

He moves from beginner to advanced group next week when another group leaves and the new group comes in. He will get another haircut when the new group comes.

We asked if he needed anything and he said jolly ranchers and super glue because his water sandals have a hole and they squeak. He is going to fill in the hole.

If we do have to send some packages he said to wrap it in mary and cross paper because the locals won’t mess with those.

He gets to sing in the choir on Sundays and Tuesdays.


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