February 13, 2017


Gualeguaychu, Argentina


Elder Nick Mortensen

Bus Travel King

Well it has been a pretty long week!

We started it off by getting all packed up because we got a change to go to another city in Argentina. The city is called Concepción. We got all packed up on Monday and then went out and said goodbye to all the folks in Gualeguaychú. That was really hard but we managed to do it without shedding too many tears. (I will have pictures next week)
Then we got on the bus Wednesday afternoon to go to Mercedes, Uruguay to help the new argentina zone missionaries to cross the border and get the other Uruguay Missionaries all situated in their new areas.
Thursday came around and Elder Mortensen got sick so we were forced to stay in all day long in Mercedes.
Friday morning we got up at 3:00 AM to get on the bus to go down to Montevideo for Mission Leadership Conference with all the Zone Leaders and Assistants to President. It was an awesome experience where we hammered out a few important topics.
We traveled back to Mercedes that night and crossed the border into Argentina at 6:30AM the next day. We arrived in Gualeguaychú at 9:00 and went on divisions with the new Elders there to show them around the area. at about 7:30PM we got home to get our bags so that we could get on the bus to go to Concepción at 8:00PM. However, we made the discovery that we didn't have any minutes on the cell-phone to call a taxi. So we ran out in the rain looking for anyone with a phone to call a taxi and we managed to find someone. He helped us and we made our bus only because the bus was late.
After that we got to our new house and realized that there are only three mattresses in the house and that my companion has a bad back so I have been demoted to floor sleeping duty. I must admit it is a blessing in disguise because it is so uncomfortable that I don't look forward to sleeping anymore, even better I look forward to getting up in the morning!

Sunday came around and it was one of those days in the mission that I will never be able to forget.
We woke up in the morning only to the sound of a monsoon outside. It had been storming all night long and the streets were completely flooded. It was as though there was an ocean outside!
I remember looking out the window as I got ready and thinking "If I were not a missionary in this situation- would I really go to church?"
Well we left, not being able to get a taxi due to the fact that the streets had all turned into roaring torrents of water, we trudged our way to the chapel. We arrived 10 minutes late right as they were singing the sacremental hymn. There were two people insided as we came in. We sat down and started singing. As we sang I thought about the question I had asked myself earlier that morning and in that moment I felt that my answer came. I felt happier than I had ever been in my mission; sitting there in the chapel singing. I felt that this is always where our Heavenly Father wants me to be Sunday Mornings.
It was another one of those mission moments that I will never be able to forget.
After that we went walking home to cook lunch, as I pondered the spiritual experience I had recently had I got bit by a dog... First time ever. It broke skin but it wasnt a big deal. I managed to turn the other cheek... although it was not easy.

So all in all. Sunday helped me a ton to grow closer to the savior!
Well that is all for this week! I love you all! Have a nice week!

-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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