January 30, 2017


Gualeguaychu, Argentina


Elder Nick Mortensen


Another week is in the books!

It has been a pretty short amount of time since I last wrote. Not too much has gone on since Wednesday but we have been seeing some pretty good success even though we have been confronted with several difficulties this week due to people not being home and a little bit of rejection. Missionary Work is the best work that there is. No matter what you do it may seem as though you are not going to be successful, yet that is why Repentance takes such a central role in our message- So that if one thing is not working; you should try something different and you will be successful if you keep diligently chipping away, changing and trying new things, until you get it.
I'm really grateful for the example that my companion sets for me. Trying to be the best missionary that he can and always wanting to use all the time we have efficently. He is an example of a converted missionary that just wants to do his best. I'm glad that Heavenly Father has put us together.
It looks to me like it will be raining soon. The heat has picked up a ton. More than usual. That means that rain is surely on it's way!
Today we took some time to take some pictures by the big red bridge in our area. We went down to the riverfront and got to enjoy the beauty that Argentina has to offer. It surely is a beautiful place.

That is all for today! I hope to have more to report on next week! I love you all!

-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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