January 23, 2017


Gualeguaychu, Argentina


Elder Nick Mortensen

The long journey (of the week) comes to a close

This has been a really good week. We weren't able to write on Monday because we entered into our mailboxes and saw that there was an email from the mission assistants telling us that we had to get to Montevideo ASAP for a "surprise" Mission Leadership Conference with Elder Stevenson from the 1st Presidency.
It was a little harder for my companion and I. It was a bit of a different story as all the other missionaries were just going to have to board a bus and get to Montevideo. However, we work in another country so the process of getting to Montevideo was a bit more complicated.
We set off at about 5:00 Monday evening and started making preparations to leave to go to Uruguay with our District Leader. We ended up crossing the border into Uruguay at about 11:00 or so and then arrived in Fray Bentos, the Uruguayan border city, at about 11:40PM. Jumping on to a bus that was just pulling out of the terminal when we got there. We then went down to the city of Mercedes to wait with several other missionary leaders to leave in a bus at about 5:00AM to go to Montevideo.
We arrived in Montevideo at about 11:00 AM and started the conference with Elder Stevenson at 2:00PM and it was an amazing conference! Although the lack of sleep and heat were killing my companion and I. We were able to have a really good experience and learn a lot of things from Elder Stevenson. He is very impressive to me being a man that has gone so far in his life and obtained so much experience but at the same time retained his humility as a person. He is a wonderful example to all of us here in the mission!
Diego and his family came to church this week! It was the BEST experience that I have had in Gualeuaychú so far! Seeing the five of them in the congregation; making friends with all the members. It was great! Elder Mortensen and I had to go find them early in the morning to make it happen. It think I have talked about this in other letters but they are really hit or miss as far as getting up to go to church. But this time they were ready to go after only an hour waiting for them outside the door. We almost showed up late walking but we were lucky enough to find a couple of taxis waiting on the side of the road. Elder Mortensen and I jumped in the back of one of the taxis and Diego in the front seat of the one were in and we sped off to church. While we were going, Diego struck up a conversation with the taxi driver and ended up testifing of the gospel to him. We didnt even say a word! It was awesome!
Well that has been the week so far. It only keeps getting better and better! I hope that things are looking up for everyone as well!
¡Nos vemos!
-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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