December 19, 2016


Nueva Palmira, Colonia


Elder Loayza

Another Week on the Beach

Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I write these letters. It was another hot week filled with lots of walking and talking to people. That is the missionary life I guess!
I realized a few days ago that I am an old missionary now. I'm not new anymore. This realization came through a member family here in Nueva Palmira called the Bordalde Family.
We had just finished eating lunch in their house and we were almost leaving out the door when Brother Walter Bordalde, the father of the family, stopped me and asked me how many pairs of shoes I had. Confused by the question, I gave him the answer; "Just one pair." He looked at me; pointed at my shoes and said: "Now you have two."
Looking down at my shoes I realized that they have alrmost been worn to pieces. The initial feeling I had was: "Wow I have been here a long time."
Walter then handed me a NEW pair of work boots that the family had had for a long time but they didnt fit anyone in the family. I was dumbfounded with the gift because they were very very nice! I didnt feel like a deserved something so nice and try to deny the gift but classic Walter wouldnt let me.
That same day I changed out my old beater upper shoes and put on the boots. We ended up having a day of walking around in the sun with nothing to do due to discussions falling through and people not being home. Later that night I realized that I was in lots of pain in my feet. So we got home, prayed, planned for the next day and I ripped the boots off of my feet only to find one of the most horrible sights that a missionary in a walking mission never wants to see. (See the picture if you are not afraid of seeing a little bit of blood.) Now both of my feet are destroyed by blisters that have turned into gaping holes on the back of my ankles. Well I have learned that I need to wear two pairs of thick socks when I wear boots. Life Lesson = Learned.
Change week is upon us! I have absolutely no idea where I could be going. If you look at map of Uruguay and draw a circle around the western side and a little bit of Brazil and Argentina. That is where I could be going. I'm really excited to see where the lord's work takes me!
Elder Loayza and I ended up getting stuck in the bus terminal in Colonia Centro the other day after interviews with our Mission President. Well we had an hour and a half to kill so we found a whole bunch of Iluminar el Mundo cards and we set out contacting EVERYONE in Colonia. It was a lot of fun and it was really cool getting to walk through Ciudad Vieja talking to people. It was a great experience and I realized in the moment how unique my experience was. I probably will never get another chance to be walking through that part of Uruguay on such a beautiful evening again. At least never again as a missionary. I'm really grateful for the chance I have to have been able to come here to this wonderful little country at the bottom of the earth.
Well that is the report for the week. I hope that you all continue to have a good week!
Love you all!
NOTE: If you would like to know when I will be skyping and where. Talk to my Mom... She is in charge!

-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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