November 28, 2016


Nueva Palmira, Colonia


Elder Loayza

It Rained off the Street

This week was another fun week here in the mission! Last week I was pretty sick while I was writing so I may have been a bit negative in what I said and I apologize if anyone felt that way. This week I am doing much better!
This week has been a really awesome week. We have been finding new people like crazy and teaching lots! Our new approach to the work here is getting us a lot more opportunites to share the gospel and opening the door for lots of folks. Although maybe it isnt the most comfortable thing in the world, it sure is interesting.
The other day we got rained off the street and stuck in the house for a few hours due to a red weather alert. In those couple of hours I learned a lesson about myself. Well after having been in the house for a time I felt myself get a little impatient and decided it was time to leave although the tropical storm had not let up yet. So we left and walked to the house of one of our investigators. We clapped and clapped but nobody heard us over the sound of the rain. So we went to another house, and then to another house all ending in the same result. Well in the end I realized that I was just being stubborn and we werent going to be able to beat Mother Nature so we returned to the house completely soaked; me realizing that I had let my pride sort of get the best of me.
I then realized that I had no more clean white shirts left... The shirt that I had been using was now brown from the rain water and was not presentable and I had nothing else. What a problem right? Elder Loayza and I then sat together and talked more or less hoping that the rain wasnt going to let up by the end of the night due to me not having any shirts- however our Heavenly Father has a sense of humor I like to think and the rain stopped at about 7:00 PM.
Well we had two hours left in the day and I was without a white shirt to use. So what did we do? I put on a t-shirt, threw on a raincoat over it and went out without anyone being able to tell the difference.
That night we found ourselves walking in the flooded streets of Nueva Palmira without anything to do. We saw a house that we always have passed by and talked about contacting but never have done it because it is one of the richest houses in Palmira and we never thought anyone was going to answer the door.
Well we had nothing to do, no one in the streets to talk to, so we went over and knocked on the door.
To our surprise a young middleaged woman answered the door and we introduced ourselves. She invited us back another day and was very friendly about it. Well we started to walk away and she closed the door. Just as we were about to turn the corner we heard a call from behind to us and she beckoned to us to come back. So we went and she explained to us that she was going to be working the day we had set to come back and asked us if we would be able to talk with her right then and there... Y CLARO we said! We went in and taught her and her family the restoration. She began to cry halfway through the lesson and told us that she had been having some problems coping with the death of her Grandmother, who was a mother figure for her in her youth and that she wanted to be able to have another moment with her again. We then testified that through the gospel of Jesus Christ that she would be able to see and be with her Grandmother again. That caught her attention and she invited us to return a week later.
It has been one of my favorite experiences of the mission so far. Her name is Karla, I hope I will get to talk more about her next week.
Well this is the letter for the week! I hope yall enjoyed it!
I love you all! Have a great week!

-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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