October 31, 2016


Nueva Palmira, Colonia


Elder Loayza

My Second Halloween in Uruguay

This week was absolutely fantastic! We were able to work a ton!
Yesterday we had a lesson with our investigator Darío. He has been investigating the church for a little while and we have had to go a little slow with him seeing as he has a few health problems. Yesterday we had one of the best lessons I have ever had in my mission with him. We spoke to him incredibly clearly and didnt try to sugarcoat anything. It was amazing to watch the spirit work in that moment; to see the light turn on in his eyes. We had just finished talking about Repentance when he blurted out "If I repent I need to be baptized as well" we then asked him why he thought that- he then gave us a really good explanation of what baptism does for those that repent. "I need to make sure that my repentance has a reason to stick" Is bascially what he said. It was a fantastic insight into the importance baptism that I really enjoyed. He then asked us when it would be possible for him to get baptized. We ended up setting the date a little far away to accomadate his life situation but he looks to be determined to get baptised and to follow Christ.
The group here looks like it is in its final days of existence. It has gotten to the point that only one family is attending every week and it looks to be that the group will be shutting down and everyone will be going on the bus to Carmelo every sunday to go to church. It is pretty sad but we are spending a lot of money paying the chapel's rent here and with only one family going it looks that we will be shutting down for a time until things start coming back to together.
The other night we got rained on pretty hardcore, It was a pretty crazy rainstorm, One second we were walking in the beautiful hot sun and then rain and wind just came out of no where! WE GOT SOAKED! Luckily I had chosen to go the stylish route that day and picked out a raincoat that looked good with the tie and pair of pants I was wearing and I didnt get too wet. Elder Loayza on the other hand was not so lucky and ended up looking like he had just gotten thrown into a swimming pool. Style came through me this time!
Tomorrow President Olsen will be here for Interviews. It will be the fourth time I have had an interview with him. It will be interesting to see what he has to say about the whole Nueva Palmira situation. It sure has been hard on the people there with all the changes that have been happening in the mission... those changes have had a great effect on the people here seeing as the missionaries have played such a great role in their lives ever since joining the church.
These are a couple of pictures that we took this week. We found an old rusted car that I couldnt pass up taking a picture with for whatever reason and then the other is the day that the rain came down on us. I dont look so wet in the picture but I promise you it was bad!
Alejandro and Michaela are doing really well. They are progessing and it looks like Michaela especially is going to be taking some leaps and bounds down the path of conversion. Good things come with time, patience and Diligence. These two are the ones that saw us helping clean and fixup Ramone's house and they wanted to talk to us but were afraid until we ended up walking into their shop a day later. It has been difficult to find them lately but all the same we have been able to teach them a few times in the last few weeks. Everytime they progress A TON! I sure do wish that we could just get more time with them!
Well that is the report for now! Expect more next week! I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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