October 17, 2016


Nueva Palmira, Colonia


Elder Loayza

Wow, What a Week!

This has been a pretty crazy week. We have seen lots of miracles, worked pretty hard, been chased by a few dogs, shed some tears and most importantly eaten a lot of ice cream... Well I suppose that isnt SO important but it sure has been a real plus with this Uruguayan summer trying to burn everything in its path!
Elder Loayza and I have been getting some really good work done in our short time together and we have managed to only offend a few members that live here... which only offending A FEW is an accomplishment. Missionary Work here in Palmira can be either really really awesome or... really really bad. There are days where we have so many lessons that we dont think that we are going to make it to all of them and other days where we are walking in the sun for hours and hours straight just trying to corner someone or get someone to open the door. I am getting a pretty nice tan I must admit! You always have to look at the positives!
We recently found a girl named Anna Louisa or "Picha" who is wanting to get baptized. To be honest she has been coming to church off and on for quite some time now. We have never paid her much attention thinking that she was already a member from the way she acted and talked. However, recently while we were eating lunch in the Bordalde family's house; Picha started talking to us about getting baptized and basically asked us if we could baptize her. So now it just comes down to getting her mother to approve it and teach her all the missionary lessons. So we will see what happens in the upcoming weeks of the change!
This week we have spent a lot of time looking for Ramon. The guy basically disappeared all week and wasnt even in his house when we went to get him in the morning on sunday. I thought to myself "How far could a one-legged guy in a wheelchair get by himself?" Well we went back to the church and as I was talking at the pulpet getting sacrament meeting started- Ramon rolled in with a friend and quitely took his place. After the meeting he introduced us to her. Her name is Sandra and she told us that she is a longtime friend of Ramon's and she has been looking for a new church and learned a little bit about our church by talking to Ramon about his baptism. So we are working a little with her now. Pretty Awesome right!?
I also found an experience that I really enjoyed in my journal the other day that I would like to share. On change day when I was waiting in Tres Cruzes (The Central Uruguayan Bushub) I was helping one of the Montevideo Zone Leaders with getting everything organized. His name is Elder Raia. We helped some missionaries get their bags onto a bus in the back of the terminal and as we were returning to our spot in Tres Cruzes where all the other missionaries were waiting we saw a young women walking with her young daughter through the terminal doors. The both of them were lugging suitcases that were way too big for the both of them so we ran over and offered to help and they handed us over the suitcases. Well I took the suitcases of the little girl, (she was maybe 6) and Elder Raia the suitcases of the women. Well we, in missionary fashion, started talking to the both of them. Elder Raia with the lady and me with the little girl. I asked her a few questions in spanish and she politely answered all of them. Until she asked me "Hablas Ingles?" which means Do you speak English? I told her Sí and then she answered me "Oh ok me too." In english. Well as it turns out the two of them were from Florida and spoke both of the languages fluently. Well we helped them get onto their bus later on and gave them a book of mormon in english that one of the latin elders just happened to have. (Miracle)
It was awesome! I sure hope they have given at least a little read!

So that is pretty much the scoop for this week. I hope that all of you are enjoying life! I love you! Chau!!!

-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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