September 26, 2016


Nueva Palmira, Colonia


Elder Jhonny Mamani

Ramon's Baptism

It has been a crazy week! Ramon got baptized last Saturday! It was awesome! He felt the spirit so strongly that he could not seem to stop crying the whole time. Luckily he was able to pull it together long enough for us to perform the baptism and as he left the font he said that he felt like a world of hurt had been lifted off of his shoulders and that he had never felt so happy before in his life. We have visited Ramon a few times since the baptism and the changes in his life are pretty clear to see. He has become much more humble and respectful to others in his life and the changes that he is making everyday are really helping him to put his life back in line. It is amazing how much people change once they start paying a bit more attention to Jesus Christ in their lives. They seem to start thinking clearer and in a more positive way and really everything seems to start getting better in their lives a little bit at a time. I feel really lucky for having been given the chance to be here in Uruguay seeing the importance that religion and the God plays in people`s lives. Many times we give a blind eye to this part of our lives thinking that it is a complicated and contetious subject that we dont want to tackle. However, when we just plant the seed in our lives we find that after a time we have seen growth that leads us to feel happier than we ever were before. I have seen it time after time and felt this change in my own life as well... I wish everyone could feel what I have felt!
Changing the subject a little. Elder Mamani and I went to the beach today and we played with the Velcro paddle game that Mom sent us and we had a blast. We almost lost the ball in the ocean a few times but it always came back to us! Luckily!
This week has been a ton of fun! I also got to confirm Ramon as a member of the church on Sunday which was a wonderful experience!
Well that has pretty much been the week. I hope that you all are having a good week and thank you much for giving my emails a read! I love you all!

Con Amor,

-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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