September 12, 2016


Nueva Palmira, Colonia


Elder Jhonny Mamani

Carta 3 de Nueva Palmira

We have had a few crazy days here in Nueva Palmira. We have walked, and walked, and walked all week long. We literally had 3 lessons this week and the 3 of them happened all on Saturday. So yeah that is how things have been lately. I get home at night and pass out almost immediately every day. Things have been a little slow- however have been able to meet lots of really cool people from having had the opportunity to walk around all day just talking to everyone that we see. We met Ramone who is a guy that lived in Vegas for 20 years and San Diego for 3. He called out to us as we were passing by his house looking for someone else. He only has one leg and needs a wheelchair to get around. We rolled him to church on sunday and he LOVED it and it looks like he will be getting baptized on the 24th. When we were rolling him home he started talking to us about his favorite place in the United States, which is a little town in southern utah right on the border of Nevada and Arizona called St. George. He lived there for a couple of years and wants to go back. I explained to him that I am from St. George and he got really excited and we got on the topic of the St. George Temple and we actually ended up setting him a temple goal. It was a really cool experience!
Also we found ourselves in the bayou of Nueva Palmira. It was literally the set of the Waterboy. We went to a part of our area that no one had ever been and we found this swamp way out in the boondocks and we found lots of interesting people out there. Super nice people but super weird! A few of them were actually very interested in coming to church so we are gonna see what happens!
Alright so those are the most interesting things that have happened this week! I love yall! Chau chau!
-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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