September 14, 2015


Montevideo, Oeste Zone


Elder Huntsman

Missed Bus & Lost Companion

¡Hoy es el Dia!

How is everybody?

Art is doing alright if anyone was wondering.

Well I would like to start out by saying that we had the typical missionary experience this week. We've been making a better effort to contact and knock doors more often than we were doing and we literally knocked... well clapped close to 50 doors without any success. It's good though, that was just a bad streak. We actually have 4 or 5 return appointments scheduled.

We have a new Investigator named Selma. She's awesome! She isn't exactly new to the church. The missionaries before us had her as an investigator and she was progessing really well. Until something happened to her and she had a bit of a mental breakdown. She had to be in the Hospital for a few weeks but she's out now and she is completely recovered. Literally the first thing she said to us is that she wanted to get baptized. So Fingers Crossed!!!

Spanish is getting better! I've been teaching a lot of our lessons lately and I they've been going pretty well! I do get really frustrated with it sometimes. I've been trying to focus focus and focus some more on everything people are saying but... it's difficult. I've been getting lots of headaches lately, think it's becasue of that.

Well I had a pretty awesome experience this week. It was a windy day and we were coming back from District meeting which is held on the other side of our Zone in Oeste, literally hours away from our area walking. Well we were waiting for a bus to take us back to Barrio 3 and it was really really windy, to the point where we could hardly hear each other talking. We I saw a bus that was going to take us close to our home and asked Elder Huntsman if we were going to take it and I heard him say. We're going to pass on this one. So I said ok and kept looking down the road. Well the next bus came, the 494 which basically takes us to our front door and I got out my money and waived it down and turned around to make sure Huntsman was ready to go.... when I figured out that I was standing at the bus stop completely alone..... I was lost in the middle of Montevideo by myself.... well the bus passed and I decided to start walking up the street hoping to see Elder H as I went. I walked about two blocks up to one of the Jose Artigas statues and saw Elder Huntsman looking panicked as can be. I yelled Que Lotido at him and he was so relieved to see me.
It turns out he had said Let's take this one and I just had heard him wrong. It was pretty funny for me and I told everyone in our district the story and they all get a kick out of it.

We also had a run in with some hooligans the other night, they were trying to rob a guy in a park in our area that is super sketchy at night and we ran up yelling and screaming to help and they all took off when they heard us coming. We helped the guy out and gave him a pass along card with our number on it. He was super grateful. It was a cool experience.

We're staying safe down here. I hope everything is good at home!


Also I'm excited about the book as well!

Well thats all I've got for right now. Love you all!
<3 Elder Art

-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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