July 11, 2016


Tranqueras, Rivera


Elder Percy Rossel


Hello Everybody!!!!

This week has been THE week! Well actually it has been one of those weeks that has been both really really long and really really short at the same time. I´m sure everyone has had one before. We have been traveling back and forth between Rivera and Tranqeras like crazy the last little while. To meet the new Mission President, Presidente Olsen, Divisions, P-Day, Weekly Planning, Leadership Meetings. Poor little Elder Rossel has had to put up with it but he has been doing his best to be a good sport!
Well we have a real stud for a Mission President! He is awesome! President Olsen is going to make a really big difference here in Uruguay! His Wife also will help a ton! She served for a time in her mission in my first area Barrio 3!!!! I might have yelled for joy when she announced that in the meeting we were in... They are a super special family and I really can't wait to see how they will change and move this mission forward!
Well I was really nervous for a little while yesterday but in the end... I AM STAYING IN TRANQUERAS!!!! I am so happy! I was really nervous that I was going to have to leave!
This way I will be able to stay here for the now 7 baptisms that we are planning to have on the 6 of august!!! Luciano, our 11 year old investigator, is coming along really well. It has been a long time coming with him because this whole Gospel Knowledge thing is completely new for him. But I think we will be seeing him getting baptized perhaps even sooner. He comes to church every week and is doing all the little things! Also we just had a miracle happen with one of our other investigators! Sister Lourdes has been an investigator for about 4 months now and she has been awesome to teach. She feels the spirit everytime we enter into her house and openly accepts the new things that we teach her just by feelings from the spirit. The only thing with her has been that she has been living with a guy that she is not married to for about 14 years and he doesnt want to get married. We havent been sure what do with her. She has been openly telling us that she has known that she needs to get married for the entire time I have been teaching her but her husband(Who is an ex-Uruguayan Marine and a bit of a gruff old guy/and an inactive member) has not wanted to get married. Well this has been a problem forever now, and I have honestly thought at times that there is no way that she will ever be able to get baptized. Even after we had a discussion with him about what his "wife" wants and how he should be willing to help her and all that. He just never was going to do it simply because he didnt think it was necessary. Also to add on top of that Sister Lourdes is a little docile and would never stand up to him. So I honestly thought it was never going to happen... Well we went to her house the other day... to find the place complety changed. Furniture moved, walls painted a different color, new things and a new Picture of Jesus Christ (The Common Latter Day Saint one where he has the red robe and stuff and he looks really stern... you all have seen it before) hanging in her house... and then SHE had completely changed as well! We almost didnt recognize her when we saw her. She had changed her hair, bought new clothes, changed her style completely. Well after talking with her a little we eventually asked. "So whats up with all these big changes?" and she basically explained to us "I was thinking about how you said that through the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, repentance is possible, those things that we don't like about ourselves we can change with help from the lord. Well I did it, I have changed, before in my life I wasn't happy, I didn't always like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. Now I am exactly what I want to be and what God wants me to be and I am ready to be baptized." Well we had basically fallen out of our chairs and lost the ability to speak, eat, and perform other basic functions after hearing all this... Then the words fell out of my mouth "and your husband-" she answered "I kicked him out. He didn't want me to do what I had to do to follow Jesus Christ" at that point I was about to say that: "there's a river out back lets go baptize you" but I held it back knowing that it would be better in the chapel. Soo.... MILAGROS!!!!
Well that has been the week. I had something else I was going to tell you all but I cant seem to remember what it is....
I will probably remember it the second I turn off the computer and it is much too late.
Thank you so much for all the support that you give me! I love you all!

Con Amor,

-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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