October 5, 2015


Montevideo, Oeste Zone


Elder Huntsman

Break Through

Hoy es el Dia Everyone!

Things are going great down here! I haven't been around my trainer much lately because he has to go on Divisions twice a week now that he is District Leader. Which means that I'm constantly living somewhere else or dragging other missionaries through my MASSIVE area. Barrio 3! ¡TAN BUENO!
I really have been having a ton of fun down here in Montevideo especially now that I can understand people! I actually had this weird thing happen to me during Divisions with a guy name Elder Egipto, de Brazil, (Elder Egypt in english) where it just hit me... All of the sudden I can understand everyone! It was insane! It's been a ton of fun.

I also went on Divisions with a guy named Elder Ramirez, de Mexico, un Capo él, and he pointed out something that I thought was really funny. He told me that the missionaries down here in Uruguay would have absolutely no success outside of this country. Pretty bold statement no? I asked him why and he told me that in Mexico we would not be able to get away with saying half of the expressions we use because down here words that are generally accepted as normal are often times considered vulgur or cuss words in places north of here. It made me laugh when he explained that to me. I had never even considered all of that. Languages are crazy things. I've been picking up some pretty decent Portugese as well. The feeling for me personally right now is that I'm going to be heading to the Brazil part of the mission in a change and a half so I'm going to have to learn some Portugese. (probably not going to happen but personally I feel that way)

Conferencia General was awesome no! My favorite talks were by Stannfill (I think is how you spell his name) The new apostle that went last out of the new three and Nelson was awesome! Elder Holland was feeling a little lazy with his talk this conference I think...... It was wonderful and an awesome message but come on. He talked about Mothers and the Atonement. Someone has to see where I'm coming from by saying that.

I'm also a little upset about Dixie losing to Snow Canyon, I try to stay out of affairs at home but come on... Once again I would like to remind everyone that Dixie lost to Snow Canyon a couple years ago and we all ended up getting rings that year. Anything is possible right!

We've been having a lot of meetings and of course General Conference this weekend so there isn't to much of the work to talk about. But we have two new investigators so fingers crossed!!!

Also, note to mom, I love you! AND if you could get a hold of Sheryl Snow, and tell her thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Madrigal choir... and to let her know that I'm now the designated conductor and Maestro of our Stake and Zone choir for a huge Christmas Fireside that will be happening in a few months.
It would be nice if she could throw a tip or two since I kind of have her job now...

Anyway sorry this is a little short again! I love you all!! I've got to go!
Elder Arthur Anderson


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