July 4, 2016


Tranqueras, Rivera


Elder Percy Rossel

New Record for Tanqureas

So this week has been filled with tons and tons of walking! It is has been nice exercise at least! It has been really funny for me. I am completely used to walking, I actually rather enjoy it. However Elder Rossel... well he is not a fan. It is funny to watch his mood go from being on top of the world positive- to down right negative feelings in about 30 minutes of walking. He is really funny! The thing I find most interesting is something I seen in him after he has been walking for a long time. He is all upset and wishing he could just sit down and take a break up until the moment that we find ourselves in a lesson. Then he starts to feel the spirit and he perks right back up and is back on top of the world. The Spirit can change people, breath life back into people as we see with Elder Rossel. However, The spirit can change people in much bigger and longer lasting ways as well.
This week we got an even better attendance in Sacrament Meeting!! 27 People came!!!!! It was insane! I only had to play the piano and do all the electronic work beforehand for sacrament meeting! It was wonderful! I then taught Gospel Principles and Priesthood. I feel like I have lost the right to Personal Study on my mission. I just use that time to prepare lessons for church on Sunday and District Meeting. I am not complaining but it is a lot of work. I am currently teaching 2-3 classes every sunday along with giving a talk about every week. It is pretty crazy but I am learning a lot!
The Branch is coming along a ton. We actually have been seeing a lot of miracles with the Branch. lots of people returning to church and having lots of people investigating it. It is awesome!
We currently have 6 Investigators progressing towards baptism with date for the 6th of August. WAY EXCITING!!
Well that is all I have to report this week! Love yall tons! ¡Besitos!

Elder Arthur Anderson


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