June 27, 2016


Tranqueras, Rivera


Elder Percy Rossel

¡Hoy es el SUPER Día!

Well this week has been a little crazy! We started the week off by staying in Tranqueras working like normal until Thursday. We took the 7:00 PM bus out of Tranqueras to go to Rivera to stay the night there so we could make the 3:30 AM bus the next morning from Rivera to Artigas where we were going to have the last Zone Conference EVER with President Smith. Well we got there and were planning on staying the night with a few Elders from my district and one of the other District Leaders who live right next door to the stake center where the bus was going to stop in the morning. Until we got a call from The Zone Leaders telling Elder Lee (The other Disrtict Leader) and I that they were calling an emergency leadership meeting and that him and I had to do divisions to go to their house and get there as quickly as possible. So Elder Lee and I set out in the dark at about 9:00 at night in Rivera, neither of us are too familiar with Rivera, to go to the Zone Leader´s house in Misiones which is about 40 minutes walking away from the Stake Center. Also one of the sketchier parts of Rivera, we walked and walked in the dark until the Bishop from Misiones saw us walking in the street and picked us up and brought us to the ZL´s house.
Well we arrived at the house, knocked on the door expecting to be immediatley engaged in a serious planning or coordination meeting... only to see on the other side of the door a set table with chocolate banana pancakes and syrup (From the United States) waiting for us.
Well we sat down and ate and decided to stay the rest of the night in Misiones with the ZL´s and pulled an all nighter up until about 2:30AM when we had to go to the Stake Center to coordinate the missionaries arriving and getting them on the bus and all the stuff that they were going to need before the Conference in Artigas.
The Conference was awesome! I am going to miss President and Sister Smith to death! Sister Smith gave THE BEST talk I think I have ever heard in my life. She is someone who never was able to pick Spanish up amazingly well although she tried SO hard. Yet she always would give talks in the conferences that she attended. Well this was her last one and I don't think there was a dry eye in the chapel when she finished saying one last goodbye to us all. They are such wonderful people and I am really going to miss them. I am super grateful for having had the opportunity to work so closley with them all as a Secretary. I don't think I will ever forget all the wise counsels I have recieved from President Smith and the overwhelming love that Sister Smith gives to everyone. I also don´t think I will ever be able to repay them for all they have done for me.
It was my favorite Mission Conference that I have been to by far... and not just because it was the first one in 7 months that I didn't have to help plan and set up...
After that we returned to Tranqueras and worked like normal again. On Sunday we got a stunningly high attendance in church!!! 16 People came! 3 of them investigators! We had to get up 45 minutes early on Sunday so we could get the chapel set up and get ready and everything so we could go out and get those three investigators but it was totally worth it... although I will admit I did almost doze off in the Priesthood lesson that I was giving. IT WAS THE BEST SUNDAY EVER!!!
Well Life is good here in good ol Tranqueras. I hope that I can stay here the rest of my mission... however at the same time I know that I will be needed elsewhere. I hope President Olsen lets me stay here 2 more changes at least!!! Well that is the scoop for the week. Write you next week..


-- Elder Arthur Anderson


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