June 20, 2016


Tranqueras, Rivera


Elder Percy Rossel

Chased by a Sheep

Well this week we have made a bunch of changes to the way we do things, we are focusing more in just working with investigators and dropping stagnant progressing members and investigators down to one or two visits a month. One of the problems that the past missionaries here in Tranqueras had was that they always visited the same people and never saw progress with them yet still insisted on visiting two or three times a week and not looking for new investigators or less active members. However, over the last few months we have changed that mentatility here in Tranqueras and we are actually seeing the fruits of those changes now. The work is about 1000 times more difficult than what the missionaries were doing here before but the fact is that we are actually seeing real progress in people returning to the church and beginning to investigate it!
The kid is coming along really well also! He is starting to really grasp how to ask inspired questions. Which is wonderful progress for someone with his time. He may not be the best at teaching all the principles of the missionary lessons but he is helping people understand things about themselves by asking by inspiration. He is coming along real well as far as his progress as a missionary and has already learned the importance of obedience here in the mission field! So he is doing great!
This last week we spent a ton of time contacting everyone we saw in the street and clapping about every door here in Tranqueras, we have been coming home dead tired every night but that is ok! That is what the mission is supposed to be like right?! Also we are looking at having 6 people getting baptized on the 6th of August! We are looking to get more into that baptismal font as well.
It is a ton of fun around here and I am super happy to be having all of these growing experiences! It is awesome!
That is all for now
I love you all! Chau chau!

Elder Arthur Anderson


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