May 30, 2016


Tranqueras, Rivera


Elder Salgado


Changes have finally come around again! I'm really sad to announce that Elder Salgado will be leaving and heading to Soriano Uruguay. He is super sad but he is being a good sport about it. He really doesn't want to leave Tranqueras behind. We will be heading out tonight on the bus to Rivera to catch another bus to Montevideo. Elder Salgado will be heading out on the bus to Montevideo to Soriano at 5:45 tomorrow morning, and I will be leaving around Midnight tonight on a bus to Montevideo to pick up my son in the Mission! That's right! I'm training a new missionary this change!! I am super excited and super nervous at the same time. I honestly can't wait to meet him!!
That means I will be District Leader, Trainer, Elders Quorum President, Gospel Principles Teacher, and Second Counselor here in the Tranqueras Branch. I'm going to have lots of stuff to do this next month in half for sure!!!
I'm actually way excited for this experience.
This sunday I ended up getting put into a bit of a sticky situation. Well none of our Priesthood Leaders showed up for church this sunday. Which is always a disaster... but even more so when it turns out that all of them were in charge of all the classes and talks this week... so Elder Salgado and I had to give talks just right out of the audience and then teach all the classes on top of all the duties of playing the piano and directing and administering the Sacrament.
It was pretty crazy, we also are looking at having 3 baptisms within the next 3 weeks here in Tranqueras!!! WOOHOO!! I am way hyped coming from someone who hasn't had a baptism in his mission yet!

Well I am going to have to keep it short again, but you will get all the details of my son and everything next week! I love you guys!

Elder Arthur Anderson


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