May 23, 2016


Tranqueras, Rivera


Elder Salgado

Crazy Week! 3 More Snakes Down!

Well this week honestly feels like it just FLEW by! We have been
traveling back and forth between Tranqueras and Rivera all week long
and it feels as though I just wrote two days ago! I have to admit that
Elder Salgado is a real good sport with all the traveling that have to
do. I am super grateful for all that he is and does really. For a
missionary with such a small amount of time in the mission he really
is awesome!
Lately we have been working with the kids a lot here in Tranqueras.
There are quite a few that we have fellow-shipped into the church but
still lack the understanding necessary to be baptized. They already
love the church and all, but just aren't members. So this week we have
been teaching them a ton! One time Elder Salgado and I were throwing
one of those Nerf American Footballs around in the street and a group
of the kids normally come to the activities and stuff came around and
started playing with us. Now we have basically a little American
Football team that plays every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an
hour at lunch. It is pretty fun teaching them how to play I must
Also this week we are going to be looking into the seemingly
complicated marriage process here in Uruguay for an investigator
couple that has a baptismal date but need to get married first. It
should be a fun couple of hours tomorrow figuring that all out.
I remarked to Elder Salgado at the beginning of the week last week
that I hadn't seen a snake in a long time here Tranqueras and that we
were being blessed with a ton of good luck. I killed 3 snakes this
week. I'm not going to go into details because I have written this
email 4 times already and the internet here is not very good and keeps
erasing it every time I try to send or save it. It is for that reason
that this email is shorter than usual.
I love you all and hope that you all continue having a good week.
Con amor

Elder Arthur Anderson


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