April 25, 2016


Tranqueras, Rivera


Elder Salgado

Arriving in Tranqueras

Hello Family and Friends!

Well I finished my 4th day up in Tranqueras and immediately boarded a bus to come back to good ol'Montevideo! It is kind of weird being here again after moving. It feels different but at the same time exactly the same. It's a weird feeling to say the least!

Well this a little over half week that I have had here in Tranqueras has actually been some of the best days of my mission! I don't think there has been even second to take a breath, we have been working and working and working and then working some more. There are currently only 4 WORTHY Higher Priesthood Holders in the branch and half of them are my Companion and I and the other two have some pretty heavy work hours so we end up doing A TON of work for the branch. So Tranqueras... the best way to describe Tranqueras is... well it is kinda like camping!! it's about how you would imagine that every south american little town would look like. There is one paved road that goes through the middle of town and the rest of it is just dirt roads. There are animals everywhere, dogs, cats, snakes, rats, pigs, cows, sheep, a lot of really scary hawks that are all over the place too, and even better is that most of them are just wandering around town.

The house is super nice and it was clean when I got there too! Well it was decent. I have become a bit of a clean freak but it was acceptable. Right now we have a goal to have a Casa Celestial. Which basically just means we want to have the CLEANEST house possible!

The people are awesome! I have found that to speak to people here in Tranqueras is quite a bit more difficult than I thought. They don't spéak Portugese, nor do they speak Spanish but rather a combination of the two. Which for me is really difficult to understand but I am getting by because the second we get into the lesson the language changes into pure Spanish or pure Portugese.

Well we have been teaching the Doctrine of Christ like no other since I got here. There are a ton of members here that just don't seem to see the importance of going to church and so we spend quite a bit of our time going around and teaching them. We have been teaching with a ton of clarity and a ton of power since Elder Salgado and I have been together and we got a pretty good amount of people to committ to go to Stake Conference with us and we were expecting a pretty good turnout... until it rained on Sunday and only 15 people showed up for our rented charter bus to go to Rivera for the Conference... It was a little diosappointing but it looked like everyone who went had a good experience. Next week will get em to church even if we have to drag them there!!! haha It's just a joke... kind of..

This last week has been insane as far as weather goes here in Uruguay!
There was a Tornado in Dolores that destroyed a good part of the city and there has been flooding in about every part of the country! The Storms here have been insane!! I have had to crack out my Rain Boots for the first time in my mission! We actually spent the good part of the day a few days ago scooping water our of houses and helping people save their furniture it was flooding so bad! It is honestly hard work and I haven't come home so tired at the end of the day since the offices.... oh wait that was less than a week ago... essteee...

I already feel such a strong love for Tranqueras. The people are so simple yet so wonderful, I am teaching one of our investigators to read so that he can read the book of mormon in between our visits to his house. He is 45 years old and never learned to read. There are a lot of poeple like that just living as the humblest of the humble up here and I feel so much love for them it is hard to describe. I have only been here four days and I already feel like this place is my home. I haven't felt the way I feel now before in my mission. I feel like I have been sort of blessed to have been able to come here to this beautiful place. I know I will be visiting again after the mission!

I will be sending some pictures next week for sure, until then I love all and I hope that you all have a great week!

Chau Besos!!!
Elder Arthur Anderson


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