April 16, 2016


Montevideo Mission Office


Elder Layton

My Farewell Dinner

Hello Family and Friends!

Well I am finally leaving the offices after all this time, and even more significantly I will be leaving Montevideo for the first time officially in my mission!

Well I recieved my change yesterday at Elder Guevara and I's farewell dinner with President Smith.
Everyone pretty much was guessing Artigas, Brazil or Argentina. But President surprised us all by sending me to:
Rivera, Tranqueras, as a District Leader.
I'm super excited! It is almost the exact opposite of where I have been pretty much my entire mission.

Tranqueras is about 10 hours away from Montevideo out in the Uruguayan outback and is about 2 hours from the closest major population base in bus. The population of cows and ostriches dwarfs the population of Humans exponentially. Sounds like my kind of place!

They Speak a mix of Portugese and Spanish in that part of country because it is so close to the Brazilian Border.

There is only a branch in Tranqueras right now so there aren't too many members but from what it sounds like there are a lot of very strong members living there.

My companion's name is Elder Salgado! He is from Chile and only has about 3 months in the mission. Just barely coming out of his training and from what I have heard he has a ton of potential. I think that he will be able to help me a ton as I move back into regular missionary life again. I am really excited for the next month and a half that I hardly slept at all last night!

One of the other things that is particularly special about Tranqueras is that every week for District Meeting we have to catch a bus to Rivera Central that is about 2 hours long. To get there on time we have to get up around 5:00 in the morning to catch it. Which is absolutely perfect for me coming out of the offices! haha

This week that is coming up is changes! The last time I have to work changes! WOOHOO!! It feels really good knowing that we have managed to keep the mission from falling to pieces in our time here. I think that I will miss the offices at times because there was never a time when I thought "Well what do I do now?" There was always just so much to do! But I feel good about what I have learned here and can't wait to be applying it in my new area!

I will now be preaching the gospel in the language of my preference! Portugese! I haven't ever had much of a chance to speak it before other than in business enviroments here in the offices and I am really looking forward to improving in it a lot more.

Ok well I will be writing you all next monday! No more Saturday P-days from now on... or at least I hope!

Love you all!

Elder Arthur Anderson


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