April 9, 2016


Montevideo Mission Office


Elder Layton

Carta para la Familia y los Amigos

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has been quite a bit better as far as work goes. I have been getting to bed más o menos on time and we have been able to get out of the offices on time almost everyday this week to go to the area. So I have been quite a bit happier this week.

Well as it turns out we are not going to be able to baptize Natalia until a few weeks after I have left Barrio 5. Which is awesome because at one point it looked like it wasn't going to be happening for another 3 years so I am super siked about that!

General Conference was really good this time around! This was the second time that I have seen General Conference here in Barrio 5. Last time I watched it here in the offices too. So two times in a row in the same place. It was an interesting experience for me because here in my Zone in Montevideo there are about 14 Missionaries and only two of them are not from the United States and one of the two pretty much already speaks English. 11 Americans were watching in English in the Offices and then one Chileno watching with them in English. While the Brazilian; Elder Campos and I watched in Portugese. Elder Campos and I actually switched from Portugese to Spanish a few times because we had Investigators in every session of conference and him and I went to go sit with them in the chapel where they were broadcasting it! Which was fun!
I actually haven't heard a single word of General Conference in English yet, I have plans of going back through it all over the next month or two.
(Elder Layton is still my companion if there is any confusion with the Elder Campos thing, he just wanted to watch it all in English.)

Well I will be getting my change at some point this next week and I am super excited about that! I will get to go back to being a regular missionary again... well I think this will actually be the first time in my entire mission that I have just been a regular missionary. I have been in the offices so long I can't really remember!

We now have 8 investigators here in Barrio 5. Which is the most that we have had here in this area in about two years now. 3 with baptismal dates and six of them are progressing really well! We also have been working with a few less actives lately named Juan and Luis. They are super awesome. Juan is actually our investigator's Boyfriend and we have known him and shared lessons with him for a long time but now he is starting to progress after about 6 months of knowing him. Luis has also set the goal that he is going to make a full return to the church within the next 3 months! So we are going to be working with him like crazy!

Well This is my letter for the week! I am going to be sending one more letter next Saturday and then after that I will be switching back to the regular Monday P-day schedule so expect that pretty soon here!

Ok love you all!! Les Amo! Chau Chau!
Elder Arthur Anderson


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