February 20, 2016


Montevideo Mission Office


Elder Layton and Elder Eigto

Trip with President Smith

Well I wasn't able to write for very long last week and wasn't able to get the letter that I wrote out and I am really sorry about that.

This week I have plenty of time to get it written and sent.

Well this week started off really really fun! We had something called the Charla Foganera this last Sunday, which is kind of like a missionary choir/video presentation of our beliefs in the church. We spent the last month inviting everyone on the street to it and I mean EVERYONE. Well the night came around and we were supposed to start at 6:00 PM. Well we had set up chairs that stretched all the way back to the other end of the chapel in the Cultural Hall- but only about half of the Sacrament hall was filled which means there was just about nobody there... Well Elder Chuyes, one of our mission's assistants got up and announced that we were going to wait for another 15 minutes to see if we would get a few more people there. Well it was kind of funny to watch- Because about a minute into waiting all the missionaries (That were seated up front) had their heads down and were praying and praying hard for at least a few more people to come in. Well we witnessed nothing short of a miracle. In a short period of about 5 minutes, between 6:05 to 6:10 enough people came in to fill about 3/4's of the chapel and even a little bit more! It was a wonderful experience for me to say the least and all of our investigators that we had invited showed up and loved it! (Also one of my converts from Barrio 3 showed up and bore his testimony there! He is 16 years old, his name is Lucas! Absolute stud!)
Well the fun doesn't stop there, early the next morning Elder Egito, Elder Layton and I got up at about 4:50 AM and got ready to leave Montevideo to go on a trip with President to go around the country and interview all the missionaries in the mission. Well Elder Layton and I only stayed on through Mercedes, Fray Bentos, and Argentina (These are zones in the mission). The reason is because none of us in the offices had licenses to drive here in Uruguay because our tourist licenses had ran out and we weren't able to drive legally here. So we crossed to the border to get our Passports stamped and get a free 90 day tourist license! Now Elder Anderson can legally drive in Uruguay! It is so nice now because instead of just having one person that can drive we now have three! Well after crossing the border we worked in Argentina going on Divisions with the Elders serving there. I'll admit I was lucky enough to have a pretty life changing experience there. I was able to teach a lesson to a family with President Smith present and it was an experience that I am never going to forget for sure.
Well after that we crossed the border and President Smith and Elder Egito left us in Paysandu to find a bus to go home, we were able to find one and it was about a 6 hour ride so we were able to rest a little bit on the way home.
We got back to Montevideo at about 5:30ish and immediately went to work in our area and had some wonderful experiences that day. We now have a new investigator named Natalia who is about 15 years old and lives in a state ran orphanage in Capurro. (Which is a part of our area) we had given her a book of mormon and she had been reading and praying about it. Well as it turns out we just happened to walking by that day when she was looking out the window of the orphanage and called out to us to wait. So we did, then she ran out with her book of mormon and told us. "Tienen que decirme mas acerca de este libro magico" and we said "Vamos!!!" So we had a lesson with her and it seems to be that she has been receiving a lot of blessings in her life lately and she believes it is coming from her reading and praying. So we taught her a little more about all that. She is awesome and committed to come to church on Sunday! I'm glad we went straight to work or that never would have happened!
Well we also had a few more fun experiences this week but those were the big cool ones! We just got finished changing the tire on the van that I apparently shredded while driving. Turns out that gum and duct tape only solve the problem of a hole in the tire for a little while... If you don't take care of it immediately the problem only gets worse... lesson learned.

I hope this email makes up for last week! I'm really sorry I didn't send anything last week! I can't promise that it won't happen again but I will try my hardest to make sure that it doesn't!

Les Quiero Mucho! Que pasan muy bien! Chau!

Elder Arthur Anderson


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