February 6, 2016


Montevideo Mission Office


Elder Layton and Elder Eigto

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Well we have had a super busy week in the offices. I am glad now that things are going to be settling down again so that we can get back to work in our area. We had a ton of success the few weeks before changes and then the changes rolled around and we weren't able to be in the area as much as was needed, although we tried really hard to be there.

Now I expect there will not be any problems this week with getting out on time to work in the area. So I am super excited for that. It is so cool to see how our efforts help the lives of others improve. It is super interesting to see where people are now from where they started when they first met us.

Elder Egito and Elder Layton are so awesome! It is always fun when we are together. The two of them are honestly some of my best friends is the world. Elder Layton always just wants to be doing missionary work no matter what we are doing, he has some of the same language barrier problems that I do and those never seem to stop him so he has been a huge example for me and Elder Egito is one of the coolest guys I have ever met. He runs a tight ship as he is the Executive in the offices but at the same time you can always feel the love that he has for every single one of us.

Well this letter is going to have to be a little short this week because I am out of time this week. I'm really sorry about that! I promise I will write something bigger and better next week... Sorry Mom!

Ok Love you all!
Nos vemos!

Elder Arthur Anderson


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