January 23, 2016


Montevideo Mission Office


Elder Barela

Barrio 3 Replacement

Hello Everyone!

Well this week has been pretty full of work. This Mission History is going well. I think that there is possibility that it will get finished in time for the deadline. But we will see!

So now we are in a trio in Barrio 3. Our replacement in Barrio 3 arrived a little early and so now we are in a trio. Which also means that I have had five different Companions this change. Which is pretty cool I guess! His name is Elder Leithead, he is from Utah. He is super enthusiastic and super fun all the time and really really smart too. President Smith said in our meeting when he announced who the new missionary in Barrio 3 was going to be that he was the most balanced missionary in the mission and he wasn't kidding. He can go from playing to working just like that and it is all the same to him. It is fun to watch and he is fun to work with. Although it must be pretty stressful for him because he has to work with other Elders during the day when Elder Barela and I are working in the offices.

So we just barely gave a Baptismal date last night to one of our 5 investigators in Barrio 3. He is a professional soccer player and he and is super cool. He is looking to make changes in his life now so that his family in the future will benefit and have a better life. When we found him he was living with his girlfriend who is a less active member in his own home in Punta Carretas which is the really nice part of Barrio 3. They have separated for the time being so that he can get baptized and live the law of chastity and he is progressing like crazy!
So I'm going to blow your mind's here.
He has a beautiful nice 6 room apartment
Lives in the nicest part of our area
Is looking to get baptized and married and go to the temple with his wife
Coaches youth soccer in his spare time between his practices as a professional player.....
And he is a year younger than me. Juan is 17 years old!!! Can you believe that! He is already living the life and everything and has his mind set on the bigger goals in life. What a stud right! We are working really close with him. Elder Leithead is going to be such a good influence on him after I leave because Elder Leithead played soccer in high school and has a super fun personality that I think Juan is going to be able to relate to.
3 Baptisms in Barrio 3 in the last 6 months???? Whats going on down here???!!!

Well I am learning that travel is the most expensive thing in the world. We have been taking like 2 buses and 3 taxi's every day for the last 4 weeks and we have almost NO money. But the good thing is that we are learning to budget and be more efficient with our travels.

Also Changes are next week so we have that to look forward to now! The mission is in such a need of new missionaries right now because it has downsized so much in the last few months.
So Oro's are in high demand!

Also after changes I will be moving back into the Secretaries apartment and working as a full time Secretary again so I'm pretty happy about that!

Well for now I think that this letter looks about long enough! I love you all I hope that everything is good!

Que pasen bien!!! Chau Chau!

Elder Arthur Anderson


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