December 26, 2015


Montevideo Mission Office


Elder Ratliff

Elder Anderson's Post-Skypetraumatic Email

Well how is everyone? I hope yall is doing well. I don't have too much to say this week because we already talked on Skype and I don't want to repeat myself too much.

But if anyone was wondering what we did for Christmas here, We worked!!! Just like usual! It was pretty good!

By the way the "Yall is" 2 lines about this line is actually Spanglish Speak if anyone was wondering what that was all about.

I have found that if you can speak Hick, using words like: Yall, Yonder, Reckon, or that sort of thing. You can pick up Spanish pretty easily because you're already using the Spanish language structure. That is just my honest observation. I hope I have not offended Spanish Speakers or Hicks Everywhere....

Well this was a fun Chiristmas, Definitely the funnest one that I have had in Uruguay for sure. We did lots of Caroling, and then we did a little bit of Caroling that actually sounded decent. It was lots of fun!

We Skyped! That was a fun first experience! I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Or more... that would be cool if you enjoyed it more!!

I'm really trying hard to think of things to talk about right now.

I want to come back down here for Christmas after my mission sometime because it is pretty clear that Uruguayos know how to party! We jsut will have to party with members down here because they drink Guaraná instead of Alcohol. It is so cool though. The Fireworks down here! I loved it! There's going to be another in a few days for New Years which i have heard is going to dwarf the one we saw the other night. I'm pretty Hyped

Also I heard Utah beat BYU 35-28 or something like that... I heard that is was pretty pathetic on both sides... But then again I don't know I hope some that someone can clarify for me.

OK that's all the time I have. I hope everyone will keeping having a good holiday season!! LOVE YALL

Elder Arthur Anderson
Secretario Histórico


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