December 19, 2015


Montevideo Mission Office


Elder Ratliff

El Fin de Cambios

Hello Everybody!
Well changes (Transfers) were all this last week and it feels good to have them all out of the way. It was actually a pretty tranquilo change up until the last day when we were cleaning up the mess we made. We filled our entire van and president's SUV up with just junk from the changes afterward. Then it came down to the offices gringos to clean them both out while everyone else when to take the last of the Fieles (or missionaries that are going home) to the airport. Which wasn't a problem.
It was hard to say goodbye to a few of the Elders from this last group. Elder Mackinlay and Elder Bird especially. I'm really grateful to have had the chance to meet them.
I think this last change was really good. We planted some good seeds and we worked really hard so I think that we might be seeing some fruits to our labors soon.
We have 4 Investigators that are making some serious progress towards baptism. One of our less active couples got sealed this change and we have upped our attendance by 10. So I would say that is pretty productive. Especially for the fact that we aren't able to be in the area as much as other missionaries.
So I received a special assignment this week. I'm going to be heading back to Barrio 3 this change to work with Elder Ratliff who was my Companion 2 changes ago. (So there's not any confusion, I will still be working in the offices this change because Barrio 3 is super close to the offices. The only difference is that Elder Ratliff and I will be living and working in Barrio 3 instead of Barrio 5) So I'm still a Secretary. It's just a little special assignment is all! I'm super excited because I started my mission in Barrio 3 and I would love to work there again.
Well there isn't too much more to talk about. Other than giving you my Skype time this week. We are going to Skying at 6:00 here. So I think that means that we will be skying at 2:00 or 3:00 there. I'm super excited because I believe that this will be my 6 month mark and the first time I have skyped in the mission. So it should be an experience!

Alright well I will be seeing you all this week! Love you all so much!
Chau Chau!
Elder Arthur Anderson
Secretario Historico


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