November 21, 2015


Montevideo Mission Office


Elder Ratliff & Elder Egito

Full Time Mission History

Well this week was lots of fun.. as always. I'm still in the offices if anyone has forgotten whats going on in the life of Elder Anderson. I'm now working full time on the Mission Annual History which has turned out to be a real task. I'd say this is the hardest job I have ever had in my life working as a secretario and I'm trying to enjoy it to the best of my ability.

Well we have a baptismal date set for a girl named Abigail. She is 10 years old and her dad is less active but ever since we started trying to reactivate him he decided that he wanted his daughter to get baptized. So we are planning on having her baptism on the 12th I believe. Which it will be really good for the ward to have a baptism. To get everyone excited about missionary work! I really want her to understand the significance of what she is doing before we have the baptism which is difficult for a girl of her age but we're doing our best.

Montevideo has been beautiful lately with the weather and all the green. At least that has been nice! It has actually been pretty cool lately, Summer has kind of died off for the last couple days and I'm pretty grateful for that. There was a time a few weeks ago where I had 4 fans in the offices blowing on me because it was so hot and it only gets hotter the further north that you go.

Spanish is good. Right now as I write. I'm surrounded by 5 missionarie that speak little to no English which is kind of weird to think about. I don't have too much trouble with it now. Ratliff and I used to only speak Spanish together but I kind of broke him of that because I found it ridiculous that I was speaking more English with the Latinos than I was with him.

Well my week was greeeat.. and I'm sure it's only gonna get even better.. Love you all! I hope that everyone is staying safe! My condolences to Dixie this year. That's a rough way to go but sometimes it's like that! Just know that you all tried your hardest so keep your head´s up!
Elder Arthur Anderson


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