April 26, 2021


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Senior Missionaries are the Best

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From: Andrew Wilson <>
Date: Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 9:36 AM
Subject: Senior Missionaries are the Best
To: Spencer Wilson <>

Hey y'a'll!What a week this has been! We have seen so many miracles, and been blessed greatly! First update: We have senior missionaries in Whitley City again! The Jacobsons were finally approved to retrun to Kentucky, and by golly, they made good time coming back! They arrived on Friday and have been a huge blessing already! They are wonderful to work with, and have taught us a lot already. They really do change the game of missionary work!This week we also saw a massive attendance at church! Maybe from y'all's perspective these numbers don't sound great, but consdering there was one week we only had 4 people at church, I'd say were doing amazing! This week at church we had 55 people who showed up! It was astounding! We litterally had so many people that we had to open the overflow, and according to several long term members, that is the first time that has happened in a very long time! Like, 10s of years! It was so cool to see so many people renew their covenants and prepare to make more covenants! I hope y'all have a great week!Love y'uns!Elder Wilson


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