April 12, 2021


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Hey y'all!This week has been good, but super busy!We are now getting to the point where we actually have a good sized group of members who are attending! This week we had 31 people at church, and I think that was the biggest group yet! (I couldn't garuntee that though...) We had 8 returning members there, and 3 non-members there! It was incredible to see so many people that we are working with, and those people that we love coming back to Christ! It is great to see the changes that they have to go through, but also how much that blesses their lives as well. They really are working hard themselves, and they are making necessary changes in their lives. This week we were able to help with some service, which turned out to be sanding some dry wall! However, the person that had mudded the room was drunk at the time, and had only used a knife for part of the time... some of the time he used his hand... It was a an absoloute disaster to fix with a sander, and they are going to have someone else come next time they decide to mud that room. This last week we met a young lady by the name of Rachel, and she is so cool! She was born and raised as a baptist, but she disagrees with the way that she has been raised, and the way that she has been taught her whole life. She says that even her family, her dad being the pastor, is so un-Christ like. Her Grandma is a member though, and has been talking about the church slowly, but surely over the years. Recently, when she graduated and kind of moved on in her life she decided she wanted to learn more, so her grandma invited us over and we began teaching her. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon and taught her how it correlates to the bible. She has begun to read, and is amazed by how much it touches her as she reads. She is suffering an internal struggle though. She knows that if she were to tell either of her parents, they would kick her out and probably not talk to her, or her grandma for, well... probably ever... but, she already knows it is true. She just needs to grow and continue to build her faith. I hope y'all have a great week! And keep finding ways to spread the gospel in normal and natural ways!love,Elder Wilson


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