December 14, 2020


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Mission Tour

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From: Andrew Wilson <>
Date: Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 10:03 AM
Subject: Mission Tour
To: Spencer Wilson <>

Hey Everyone!This week was a great week. We were blessed to be able to have Elder Patrick Kearon of the seventy tour our mission this week. That was an incredible experience. He did so virtually, but we were still able to learn tons from him and his teachings. He is such a wonderful guy, and he is British, so he has a cool accent as well! Since it was virtual, we were able to receive our first training on Sunday, and normally it would only be a one day thing, but because of technology we were able to meet again Wednesday and Friday and review the invitations from Sunday and receive more training! It was so cool! This has been the most unique of the 3 visits from General authorities that I've had during my mission. We focused a lot on how we can affect our own missionary work, and how the decisions that we make affect those around us as well. As such, we were left with the challenge to attack every day! We control our mornings, and we can choose how to make the best of it or to simply do nothing. That is really a great thought. Our mornings determine how the rest of our day will go, and therefore, the morning hours are the most important hours of the entire day!This week we were also able to teach several people throughout the week. It is a blessing to see how technology allows us to continue to bless those around us even with the pandemic still restricting everything that we can do. Thank you all for your support!Keep finding ways to spread the gospel in normal and natrual ways!Elder Wilson


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