December 7, 2020


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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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From: Andrew Wilson <>
Date: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 11:37 AM
Subject: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
To: Spencer Wilson <>

Well, its actually not looking anything like Christmas, but that's a nice thought... however, last Monday it did snow a bit. It didn't stick, and it was all gone before it hit the ground, but it is getting colder!This week was also transfers, and my new companion is named Elder Tautu. He is a 6' 6" Samoan raised in California and left on his mission from Utah. He was actually district leader of my first district here in the TKM as well, so we know eachother pretty well. I'm really excited to be working with him this transfer here in Chatt. He is returning to the area, so he knows the area, and the people here as well, which is really awesome! It makes working here a lot easier. I dont have to explain everything to him, which makes this whole thing go a lot faster.This week has been super busy! Not only did we have transfers, but we also had the beginning of a mission tour with Elder Kearon of the 70. He is incredibly funny, and super loving as well! We had a 2 hour meeting with him yesterday and he left us with some homework before he meets with us once again on Wednesday and Thursday. It is really cool to be able to do this over Zoom because it doesn't have to happen all in the same day. He talked a lot about how we can improve as a mission, and gave some really helpful and realistic suggestions. This week has been a week of learning, from the Christmas devotional, to the mission tour, to a new transfer and a new companion this week has pushed me to grow and be the best that I can. And that is what God asks for. He simply wants us to do our best whatever that may be. Keep finding ways to spread the gospel in normal and natural ways, and keep doing your best!Love y'all!Elder Wilson


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