November 30, 2020


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From: Andrew Wilson <>
Date: Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 1:08 PM
Subject: Thanksgiving!
To: Spencer Wilson <>

Hey  Everyone!Thanksiving was super great this week! We were able to eat at a members house thankfully, and we were able to have a great expereince being thankful too!To kick off the week we were able to focus on gratitude with the challenge from President Nelson. That was super cool to see how the people around us even commented on what was happening. It really does make a huge difference even if you don't see what is happening. People notice, and people comment on it. Our zone's facebook page has seen tons of good stuff from all the posts aorund the world. For Thanksgiving we went to the Cole's house. They had a couple family members over as well, so it was a small party! We enjoyed some good food, and good company too!Then this Saturday there was a baptsim in our district, so we took the opportunity to invite some people that we are teaching. We invited someone named Gisel, and not only did she attend, but she also accepted the invitation to be baptized in December! That was definetly the highlight of the week! She wasn't able to attend church this week, but is planning to next week. Also, from the baptism she was able to meet some members, and develop a good friend ship with the branch President's wife. We are excited for that!Have a great week, and keep finding normal and natural ways to share the gospel! And enjoy the #LightTheWorld that will be starting this week! I look forward to all the posts!Elder Wilson


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