November 2, 2020


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The "Cold" and Halloween

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From: Andrew Wilson <>
Date: Mon, Nov 2, 2020 at 5:03 AM
Subject: The "Cold" and Halloween
To: Spencer Wilson <>

Wow what a week!This has been a super busy week here in the Chattanooga area! This week has been tons and tons of teaching! We have been teaching tons of people this week, and helping them keep commitments to repent and further align thier lives with God's will for them. I really do love teaching. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to learn more about the person, and come to know their personal struggles, and come to know how the gospel can help them in their lives. It has been incredible to see just how much the Book of Mormon really does have the ability to answer each question that we may have, and see how powerful it can be in our lives. This week all the Southerners also think it got cold this week. It hit  record low of 50 degrees, and I'm pretty sure I saw some people wearing coats... that was a strange sight. Apparently they don't handle cold too well down here. It ought to be interesting to see how that goes over during the winter when it actually gets a bit colder. This week was also Halloween, and we didn't do much for that. We had to be in the house early, and most people were busy that day with family stuff for the Holiday, so we stayed at home and tried to do some work over Facebook. This week we have seen a lot of success as we have continued to work diligently, and invite others boldy to come unto Christ and feel his love. I know the gospel is true, and encourage you each to find ways to normally and naturally share the gospel in your lives. Missionary work goes so much better when we share it with our friends. I love y'all!Elder WIlson


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