September 21, 2020


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Karrie, Crazy, and tons more crazy!!

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From: Andrew Wilson <>
Date: Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 9:04 AM
Subject: Karrie, Crazy, and tons more crazy!!
To: Spencer Wilson <>

Hey everyone! This has been one of the craziest weeks ever! So, to start out the week we had a great district council on Wednesday! Afterwards some of the sisters in our district made everyone some great blueberry pancakes, and my companion had an unfortunate disaster. As he went to cut his first pancake a blueberry exploded and got all over his shirt and his suit coat. So we ran them to a dry cleaner, and haven't yet seen how they came out. Hopefully it cleaned out well though. If not, that is a rough way to start a mission by ruining a shirt and a suit...Thursday was possibly even crazier! Karrie, a recent convert usually calls us daily to give us the daily update on her life. She has two awesome kids, but both are autistic, so she calls to have a real conversation with some adults sometimes. Well, Thursday she called us crying and told us that she had just been in an accident. She rear-ended someone else going almost 40 MPH. The man in front of her slammed on his brakes, and since the road was wet she couldn't stop in time and hit him. Luckily everyone is doing alright, and no one is seriously hurt, but that wasn't what she needed this week. Her car is totaled, and she is all bruised up and sore as well. She wasn't too happy, but I guess so is life. We had the opportunity to go and giver her a preisthood blessing, and talk more about the significance that can have in her life. And guess what! She was doing significantly better the next day!Friday was also crazy busy for us! We had the tech Elders come over and give us a training about how to use our technology, and give us tons of ideas on how we can work in different ways on our Facebook's to contact people and work with them. Then since the oter Elders in our district were over as well we did exchanges in the afternoon. For our extra outside time that we get we went fishing, and spent that time basically just talking while one of the other Elders went fishing and didn't catch anything. It was still fun though. Saturday we had a bad idea for me. My companion and I decided to go for a 2 mile run. Well, my companion was running 2 weeks ago when he was home, so the pace was a lot higher than I am used to. Needless to say, I 'm a bit dead right now. My legs feel like they are on fire, and my body hurts more than I knew to be possible. I'm really out of shape. I hurt. I need to get back into better shape. Then Sunday I basically just suffered the consequences of my run, and prayed that my legs fall off so I would be in less pain. Hasn't worked yet. I love y'all! Have a great week, and keep finding ways to spread the gospel in normal and natural ways!Elder Wilson 


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