August 24, 2020


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What a week...

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From: Andrew Wilson <>
Date: Mon, Aug 24, 2020 at 11:00 AM
Subject: What a week...
To: Spencer Wilson <>

 This week has been full of crazy adventures! We'll start with Tuesday. On Tuesday we met an inactive member who hasn't been to church in over a year. We started messaging him on Facebook, and he asked for our help to move from his current apartment, so we agreed. We went over that morning and helped him load his stuff onto a trailer, and didn't think much of it. Remember Jorge. He is important later in this letter. Thrusday we had district council and interviews with President. Well, we planned District Council so that President would be showing up just as it was supposed to end, but he didn't. We waited a bit more, and finally at 3:40 he called us and said he was going to be a bit late. Like another hour and a half late. So, we waited there till 5:30 unitl he actually showed up. Then the interviews took quite a bit of time! In the end none of us left the church till about 9 o'clock that evening! But President Graham got us dinner, so we can't complain. It worked out in the end. We were still able to teach our lessons on the phones, and we were still able to get everything done that we needed to, so technoloy is a huge blessing!Friday we were able to teach a young woman named Rachel who really just has tons of crazy questions about the church. She wants to be a religion professor, so she has been doing research into our church, and just wants to hear it all from actual members of the church. I think at this point we have exhausted all of her questions, but we invited her to listen to us teach a bit more about our religion, and set up another appoinment for this week. She is a funny person to teach because she has so many random questions, but that just makes it entertaining!Then came Saturday. Now, I hope you all remember Jorge from Tuesday, cause this story is about him. He called us, and told us that his Sister, who is currently living in his house in Mexico, had been kidnapped. She was watching his house, and she disappeared, and no one can find her. They are not sure what happened, nor do they have any idea what the people want with her. So, today he came to church for the first time in over a year, and we were able to give him a blessing of comfort and council, and it was a crazy experience! Obviously he is shaken by what is happening, but it was a huge awakening to him for how he needs to get his life together so that he can be sealed to his family. He needs to reconize that without the gospel this is what is will be like sadly. He has refound his motivation to study, and become temple worthy to be sealed to his family in the future. Saturday we also went for an awesome bike ride! We went to visit a man named Ben who we had a great Book of Mormon study with, and he lives on top of a huge hill. So, we got an intense workout on our way to his house, and we hit 33 mph on our way back from his house! That was so much fun to be able to teach him, and then have a fun ride home!This has been a great week, and the Lord continues to push his work forward! Keep finding normal and natural ways to share the gospel!Love y'all!Elder Wilson


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