August 17, 2020


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Date: Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 11:14 AM
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This has been a super awesome week! We had kind of a crazy week to be honest. On Tuesday we had Zone Conference, and it was great! We were able to learn a lot about the focus of missionary work, and how that is going to be applied going forward. President Graham has high expectations, but wants those expectations fufilled using the proper techniques. I appreciate that he recognizes the pupose of missionary work instead of just trying to push good numbers. That was a huge blessing to hear about, and learn about. This week we also put tons of miles on our bikes! This morning we figured that in the past week we have put between 30-40 miles on our bikes while being in quarantine still. At Zone Conference we learned that we are no longer allowed to get rides from members under circumstances, so that means riding our bikes to church, and all appointments that we have approved to do in person. One recent convert we are still working with lives about 6 miles from our house, which made a 12 mile trip there and back. However, in the first mile I decided I wanted to wreck and flip my bike. I hit a stair that was on the edge of the trail we were on, and litterally flipped over my handle bars and got sprawled out on the ground! I didn't get hurt, but it makes a funny story! Thursday and Friday were pretty normal days as for what we did. We were able to work normally, and go meet a few more people who are in our area book! Saturday was crazy! We have a mission wide goal to spend 20 hours finding each week, and with Zone Conference and everything we ended up about 5 hours short when we started the day. So, we pushed hard, and spend 5 hours finding on Saturday. We called a bunch of people, spent lots of hours on Facebook, and got it all done!Sunday, we got to ride our bikes to church because we can't get rides, so we rode the 6 miles to the church building too! It was kind of fun actually, but going home was a pain. We had dinner planned with a member at the church that evening too, so we just decided to spend all of Sunday at the Church. We decided that while we were there we would go contact some at a nearby park and talk to anyone we saw! It was so much fun! Talking to people really is super great! We only spent about 1.5 hours out talkingn to people, but in that time we took pictures while a man proposed to his then girlfriend, now fiance, we were asked to speak Chineese because my companion looks Asian, and we met a man named Ryan who is working on walking to Texas to Corpus Cristi to apply into the military. It was a bit crazy, but awesome to be able to meet peopel again!It has been a great week, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have a bit of a change of pace every once in a while! Keep finding ways to spread the gospel in normal and natural ways!Love y'allElder WIlson


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