June 23, 2020


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Good day everyone!This week has been another great week! It has been slow though. We had normal transfers this week, but Elder Suarez, and I are still together.This week, honestly, not much has happened. We spent a lot of time Facebook finding, and calling people to get to know them better. We were also able to go and do some service a few times this week! We helped a member tear out his hedge so he can put in a fence. It was awesome to be able to go help do something outside for a few hours! Then we helped another family with their garden. We were able to basically clean up a bunch of straw out of their sheep pen, and put it in their garden for fertilizer. Not the best job ever, but it was a great activity for a few hours! This week the Spanish branch President also learned that we are here, and he got super excited! Especially since we both speak Spanish.  He has a family friend that has been taught by the missionaries in the past, but they were never able to connect to the sister missionaries, and the sisters never spoke great spanish, so there was a lot of communication issues there. Well, since Elder Suarez is a native speaker, and I speak decently, he was super excited to be able to use us. We went and met the family yesterday, and they are a super nice family. They are from Honduras, and I still can't pronounce their names. I'm excited to be able to be able to teach them later this week, and get to know them better!This morning Elder Suarez and I went on a hike as well! There are lots of trails and stuff around here, so we went for a 5 mile hike through a small cedar tree forest! It was so much fun! It's nice to be able to leave the house a little bit, and go do something!However, our rules this week are getting more strict. We got an email that clarified the rules, and we now have to ask permission to teach people at their houses, and we have to eat in our house again, instead of being able to visit members at their houses. It's a bit sad, but I suppose I'll get over it. Have a great week, and keep looking for ways to share the gospel in normal and natural ways!! Love y'all!Elder Wilson


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