May 18, 2020


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My first Full week!

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From: Andrew Wilson <>
Date: Mon, May 18, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Subject: My first Full week!
To: Spencer Wilson <>

Welcome back to Tennessee everyone! OPI have officially completed my first full week as a missionary here in Tennessee, and it has been great! I am still adjusting to some of the changes, but I understand how it all works at least. It has been great to learn more about how to use technology and how the Lord can use each and everyone of us to complete his work. This week has been a fairly busy week even with us being in quarantine. Wednesday morning we were able to help a sister in our ward switch her washer and dryer set. She had bought a new set, but couldn't move them by herself, so we helped her. Then on Thursday we helped another Brother in our ward rearrange someof his scrap metal bins in his shop. I really enjoy actually having service opportunities and being able to meet some of the members around here. Other than that, this week we have spent a lot more time trying to work with members and get them to help us find more people that we can teach. We have been trying to set up times to call into their families and share spiritual thoughts, and encourage them to find ways to still have spiritual experiences in their families. It has been cool to see how the families are still reaching out and finding ways to share with people even though they can't meet in person. As many of you may have heard, or will hear shortly, yes, there was an Elder who passed away in my mission this week. Saturday night they were riding their bikes and the Elder was struck by a moving car and injured badly. He did not recover, and we heard that he had passed on Sunday morning. We don't know much else. The car did not stop, and his companion was not hurt, so there are still many blessings to be found. His family could still use all the blessings, and prayers though. I know that God has a plan for each and every one of us! I know that God prepares a way, and nothing happens by accident. God has his hand in everything, and if we look we can learn to recognize it in our life just as the Brother of Jared did. God could not hide His finger from him, and as we search with diligence, he cannot hide it from us either.Have a good week! I love you all!Elder Wilson


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