March 16, 2020


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Guys, the world exploded

So this week has been an adventure. With Corona destroying the world, and people flipping out we have had a crazy week. On Thursday we found out that all the church meetings have been canceled, so we just lost a lot of our opportunities to invite people to church canceled. I suppose that in all honesty the prophet did say that this general conference would be one to never forget, so Satan decided to make that a thing. I'm really excited to see what is actually going to happen this conference. I can't wait to find out what President Nelson, and God have in store for us in a little less than a month. This week the work has been pretty normal. We have been cautioned to avoid anyone who is sick, and wash our hands a ton. So that is what we do. This week we also had the municipal elections here in Dajabon, meaning that we have had to stay inside since Saturday afternoon. We were given a little bit of time today to communicate with people, but we have to be careful and avoid groups that could lead to riots. After this we will be in the house until Tuesday or Wednesday, so we are preparing for quite the week!!This week has been a test of faith. I know that the Lord will protect us, and he has a plan for us. Especially as a missionary meeting new people all the time, and visiting people's homes I have been a bit nervous about meeting sick people. I just have to remember that the Lord is there for us, and he will take care of us as we do his will. Continue preparing for this General Conference. I know that I can wait!!!I love you all!!Elder Wilson


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