March 2, 2020


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Well, as many of you may have noticed, last week I did not write an email. I really have no excuse either, other than the fact that Dominican keyboards are about 20 years old, and I hate typing on them. The keys are really stiff, so I got lazy, and just didn't write an email. However, I am here this week to repent of my mistake. Last week was super crazy. We didn't have a normal day all week. Last week we had a conference with Bishop Waddel of the presiding Bishopric. That was a super good conference, but it killed two days of work. We had to be in Santiago at 7:30 in the morning on Friday, so that meant that we had to leave for santiago on Thursday. Well, Santiago is 4ish hours from Dajabon, so we had to leave at about 4:30. That was quite the adventure. We were on a little tiny bus that is designed for people who are about 5'5", and my companion is 6'3". And every seat was full. That means that we both had to squish into two seats on the same bench. There was not room for the both of us. That made it a very long ride to Santiago. The conference was a super good though. Bishop Waddel spoke a lot about making the changes now that we need for after our mission. He encouraged us to decide what, and who we want to be when we finish, write it out, and make the changes. Do it now, because now we have time to focus ourselves on those changes. I realized that there are a lot of changes that I want to make, I just haven't done anything about it yet. Then last Saturday Eduardo got baptized. That was such a cool baptism. Satan tried everything to keep him from getting baptized, but Eduardo over came all of the trials in his path. For example, he was called in to work on a project on Saturday afternoon, and on the way home, his motorcycle tire popped. Well, his mom was out of town, and so her vehicle was gone, but he still managed to find a ride to the church, and made it there on time. Then Sunday it decided to rain, and Dominicans don't go anywhere in the rain. However, he still made it to church, and he was there on time. This week Eduardo was also able to baptize someone. There were three youth that were baptized this week, and he was able to baptize one of them. He is just amazed every time that he is able to do something. He is very receptive to the spirit, and has made some huge changes in his life as he has begun to accept the gospel. It has been amazing to see the changes he has made, and the desire that he has to keep improving his life. The best part is, he now has the desire to serve a mission because of the changes that he has seen in his life.This week we also found some people from Sri Lanka.... That was a strange meeting. However, they are all interested to learn more about the gospel, and talk to their families about it too. Rafael is doing wonderful as well. We invited him to be baptized this week, and he accepted. He has a lot of changes to make in his life, but we have started on the path. For example, He has a problem smoking. He has smoked since he was 18, and he is now 57. He was never a heavy smoker, but now it is just a habit. However, he is willing to pray and quit smoking. He promised to call us any time that he feels the urge to smoke, and can't leave the urge. Our goal is that he can be done smoking by the end of the week, and he agreed. He knows that it is going to be a challenge, but is more than willing to accept God's help to quit smoking. Know that God can help change your life. We are here to learn and grow, and the growth process includes change. Set a goal, and try to make those changes that God wants you to make. If you are willing to accept his council he will tell you what he needs you to change, and he will tell you where he wants you to be. I know that the church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet, and that he was called to establish the Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth again. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Keep strong, and study the Come, Follow me. It will change your perspective of the Book of Mormon. I love you all!Elder Wilson 


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