February 17, 2020


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Zone Conference and Elections!!

Welcome to another week with Elder WilsonThis week was a bit crazy. We started out all normal, working, and enjoying our little area, and then came friday...Friday we had to travel to Santiago for Zone conference. That was a pretty good conference. It was mostly focused on obedience, and how to clean houses. There have been a lot of problems with the missionary houses because they are so dirty. We were told that we had to spend Saturday afternoon in side because of elections here, and so we were expected to clean the house. Saturday we had to be in the house at 6 pm, and we weren't allowed to leave until today. We were allowed to go to church, but nothing else. It turns out that was probably a good thing. There were so many riots and stuff because of the elections that the elections actually got cancelled. So that means that we will get to spend another day inside sometime in the future. We didn't actually see anything, but we have heard some super crazy stories about some stuff. And because of the elections our baptisms were not able to happen as well. Eduardo had to work at the election tables, and therefore was not able to attend church this Sunday. So, we decided to postpone for a week. Church this week was super empty as well. There were about 25 people there, which is about 1/3 of the normal attendance. The rest were at the elections waiting for their candidate to win. That was quite the shock. This week I had a lot of time to spend inside studying, so I learned a lot. My favorite thing is in 3 Nephi. We learn that after Christ's ministry here in the Americas that he ascended to the heavens. Yet as his apostles began to work they came across questions as to how they should establish the church, and as they prayed Christ once again appeared to them. He cared so much about them, their concerns, and what they were doing that he reappeared unto them to teach them what they needed to hear. He knows each one of us, and cares about each one of our concerns. Have a great week!!Love you all!Elder Wilson


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