February 3, 2020


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Dajabon with Elder Crookston

So this week started out just normal other than the fact that I found out that I will be training. Then came Wednesday, and I went to Santiago to get my new companion. His name is Elder Crookston, and he is from Detroit, Michigan. He is a super great guy, and going to be a great missionary. He has a strong testimony, and wants to share the gospel. His Spanish is actually pretty good, he just isn't confident is his own abilities. However, he speaks fluent French, so he is able to talk to a lot of the Haitians a lot better than those of us who only speak Spanish and English. I'm doing my best to learn as much as I can, but I definitely won't be fluent by the time that I leave this area. However, that is my next big goal. Learn French. This week has been pretty crazy as well. we have taught several super cool people. We invited Eduardo to be baptized, and he accepted to be baptized on the 15th of this month. He absolutely loves learning, he just really doesn't want to read the Book of Mormon because he hates reading. However, this week we were able to get him to read 3 Nephi 11, and he loved it. He said that as he read he felt as though he was completely alone with the book, and it was telling him a story, not like he was being forced to read. Now we just have to keep him reading. The other family we are teaching is awesome as well. They are reading, and the kids have all attended church for the past 3 weeks, we just want the parents to go back before we baptize them. This has been a super cool week. A bit has changed with the new companion and all, but I am learning, and enjoying the time I have here in Dajabon now. Have a great week, and love you all!Elder Wilson


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