January 20, 2020


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One busy week

Well, this week has been a lot more busy than a lot of previous weeks here is Dajabon. This week I decided to change my focus a little bit as a missionary. I decided to ask every day who the Lord used me to bless. Or in other words, "How was I able to bless other people's lives today?" And that seemed to change quite a bit. Over the course of the last week I have felt a lot better about working here in Dajabon. The people aren't always as receptive as I would like, but I'm realizing that the Lord is using me to bless the lives of other people, even if they don't want to continue sharing the gospel with us. And the craziest part is that it is never that big. For example, helping someone move their trash can to the street, or picking us some leaves for someone, or even just offering to help. I have noticed that even just a slight focus change has made working here so much different. The Lord really is using each of us every day to bless someone, it we just let him. This week we also had Zone Conference. That means that on Friday we got to leave the house at 6 in order to get on the bus and get to the conference by 8:30. sometimes there are negatives to being so for from the center of the mission. We had an awesome conference though. We focused entirely on the Restoration of the Gospel, and the events that led up to the Restoration. I was amazed to relearn about some of the struggles that all of the early Saints went through. I had learned about them in the past, but there is a whole new meaning when we talk about those events every single day. I can't even believe that as we teach the restoration we are talking about each and every person that was killed for the name of God, every person that walked hundreds of miles to get to a new city to try to escape persecution, or any other trial that they went through. That was a really powerful conference, and made me appreciate that which we are sharing even more. I love you al!! Have a great week!Elder Wilson


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