January 13, 2020


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What a crazy week.

So this week was very, very crazy. I got a call on Tuesday from the office Elders, and was informed that I would be traveling to Santo Domingo on Friday to get my residency. That meant that I had to be in Santiago on Thursday, and we already had our tranferly interviews on Thursday. That meant that we had Tuesday, and Wednesday in our area, and the next time we would be back was Saturday. It doesn't sound that long, but it sure feels that long. So Thursday we left for interviews at 6:30 in the morning so we could travel the 2 ish hours to get to where we would be having the interviews. Those lasted until 12 ish, and then my companion and I convinced President Cowan to give us a ride back to Santiago so we didn't have to pay for the bus. He agreed which saved us $300. Thursday afternoon we got to work with some Elders there in Santiago, and then spend the night with them. I then woke up early in the morning on Friday, and hopped on a bus to Santo Domingo. After the 4 hour bus ride there I walked into the government building, they took 1 picture, I signed 1 paper, and then they gave me a card and sent me home...I traveled for 12 hours to get a card... I was not super happy about that. That was a lot of driving to sign a paper and get a card, but it allows me to stay in the country for another year, so I shouldn't complain. Then Saturday and Sunday was spent catching up with the people we are teaching, and celebrating Elder Baker's Birthday!! We went over to a members house and had cake and fried bananas!! (What a combination!)This week I had the opportunity to study in Come, Follow Me a lot with all of the travel time that I had. I am still amazed what the first 7 chapters contain. I read them several times this week, and even just from that, I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that it is the word of God. I know that God wrote it just for me, and he points out the verses that I need the most no matter where I am. He really wants to help each of us, we just have to let him. Study the Book of Mormon. It is a great book, and it will change your life. Have a great week!!Love Elder Wilson


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