December 30, 2019


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2020!!! (If only my vision were that good...)

Welcome to another week with Elder Wilson!!So, this week has been a lot of walking around talking to new people. Because it is during the holidays nobody wants to talk to us, and those that do are mostly drunk. So this week has been pretty slow. It was super awesome to talk to my family on Christmas, and visit with them. We also had some super fun activities with members, and the other Elders here in Dajabon had a baptism this week as well.  (I'll tell that story in a minute.) We were able to teach a couple people, but everybody that we are focusing on went out of town for the week, so we weren't able to teach any of them this week. Baptism story: So Saturday morning Elder Pena and I went and cleaned the baptismal font in the church in preparation for the baptism. At 5 when the baptism was supposed to happen we were still waiting for a priesthood leader, and the girl who was getting baptized. At 5:20 the girl showed up, but there was still no priesthood leader, so we couldn't do anything. Finally, at 6 something we called President Cowan, and just asked if we could go ahead because there were 4 missionaries there. He gave us permission, and so we did the talks, they hymns, and then went to do the baptism, and opened the door to the font, and it was completely empty. Someone had come by and drained the font while we were not there. So we ended up turning the faucet on, and then finding empty buckets that we could fill with other faucets, and filled the font that way. It was a mess. The girl finally ended up getting baptized at 7 ish, but it got done!!!Have a great week, and enjoy the new year!!Elder Wilson 


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