December 16, 2019


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Hey guys!This week has been something super crazy! This week we had an activity for Light the World on Wednesday where we went to the central park and talked to anyone that came through. Our whole zone was there, so in total we talked to over 250 people. We gave a lot of pamphlets and pass along cards, along with inviting half of Dajabon to come to Church with us. It was actually tons of fun. We had tons of Christmas decorations, and tons of fun music playing. We did not actually end up singing because we were all pretty busy, but we had lots of fun. Then on Thursday we had a Mission Wide Christmas Party. We all went to Santiago, and had a party there with the rest of the mission. We got to watch the new live action Lion King, and President Cowan made tons of good comparisons to the mission, and how to improve. Well, at least he tried so that we would have a reason to watch a movie for Christmas. There were also tons of fun games, and we got cards from some of the wards in Santiago. Then after that we had to work hard the rest of the week to make up for the days that we lost. The work is still really hard here in Dajabon. The people say that they love what we share, and want to come to know Christ, and even be baptized, but their actions don´t show it. They don´t do anything that they say that they are, and that makes life really hard. It is hard to find people that are actually wanting to listen, or do anything. Transfers are also this week, sooooooo..... I still have no information about anything, so I will let you all know next week!!! Have a great week, and enjoy your Christmas preparations!Love,Elder Wilson


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