November 25, 2019


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Dajabon Part 2

Sorry about the short emails recently. I've had a few crazy P-days, however, this week should be better!So, as I said last week I have been transferred to Dajabon, which is right next to the Haiti border. And surprisingly, there are less Haitians here than there were in Puerto Plata. We have just decided that is because as soon as they get across the border they head for the center of the country, but we have not facts to back that up, so...My companion is Elder Peña, and he is from Peru. He has been a missionary for 16 months now, and is a great guy. He is super quiet, and getting any kind of conversation is almost impossible. He is 25 years old, and has almost graduated from college, but decided to come on a mission before he became disqualified. He is still kind of a quiet nervous missionary. He knows what he is talking about, but he has a lot of stage fright when he tries to talk to people. It has been a great learning experience for me, because now I have to learn how to be the one who leads discussions, and keeps lessons going in the direction that we need them to go. It has been quite the event to be able to get it all right. I'm realizing now more than ever how much I still have to learn. I know what we are supposed to teach, but getting it all to come out in the way that I want can be very difficult. That and making sure that the order of what we are teaching is correct. Other than that this area has been a lot of contacting. When I got here there was no one that the previous missionaries had been teaching, so I get to start over like new. It is still quite a bit of fun though. Have a great week! Sorry for the short letter. The power went out, so I was running out of time to write because we still have other stuff we have to do before we go out to work tonight.Have a great Thanksgiving!!Love,Elder Wilson


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