November 4, 2019


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Guys.... I got a Dominican Comp...

So I know that this week is not transfers, but I got a new Dominican companion this week. On Tuesday we got a call asking if we could fit one more missionary in our house, so we responded that we could probably fit one more missionary, and then about an hour later we got a call from president. He told us that the next the assistants would be bringing us a new Dominican Comp who is visa waiting. He is visa waiting to go to Anaheim California, and he is expected to be here for about a month or so. He is very, very new. He has not even been to the MTC, because he is not allowed into the states yet. So he has been a missionary for less than a week so far. He already knows a ton though. He graduated 2 years ago eventhough he is only 18, and he knows the Book of Mormon better than most missionaries who are finishing their missions. He is great to work with, and helps quite a bit while teaching in lessons. This week was kind of crazy in general. Yesterday we went out with a member who knew of some inactive people who live in Costamba (where the beach, and all the tourists are), so we took a trip over there, and taught some awesome lessons to some inactive members. We also happened to make a stop by the beach where all the tourists go, and it was beautiful. The part where we were was a private beach, so no one was there, and we just sat and watched the waves for like 10 minutes, and then, of course, we had to go back to work and go back to talking to people. Working with people, this week was great. We were able to put a baptismal date with 2 more people, and we had 8 people in church. We are hoping to put 3 more baptismal dates in this coming week, and hopefully have 3 baptisms in November, and some planned for December. It should be a great time. I'm just hoping that we can get it all worked out. That would be great to have that many people lined up for the next few months. Love you all!!!Have a great week, and enjoy the Holiday season!Elder Wilson


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