October 14, 2019


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Intercambios, Mosquito bites, and swollen ankles.

So all three of those things actaully happened the same day, which happened to be Tuesday. Tuesday we had intercambios with the Zone Leaders (because my companion is district leader). And normally we sleep with a fan, so the mosquitos are not a problem, but in the zone leaders house there were not enough fans for my companion and I to have one, so we just slept without one. When I woke up in the morning I noticed that my ankles itched a bit, so I looked, and counted 26 between the two ankles, and 11 more on my knees. Needless to say those mosquitos had a feast that night, and I got to enjoy itchy ankles for the next few days. It was a great adventure! Next time I'm going to put repelent on before I go to sleep. This week we also got permision to baptize a young man named Yendry. We have been teaching him for 4-5 weeks now, and he is ready, his mom just didn't want us to baptize him because he got baptized in the Evengelico church. So Elder Amann and I sat down, and talked with her about the importance of proper baptism, and she said that she would talk to him and ind a day that she is not working for him to be baptized!!! We were both so excited. We didn't think that it was going to happen, but with enough prayer and scripture study on our part, and on Yendry's part we can now baptize him. That truly was a miracle in our area. This week we also began teaching a United States professional baseball player. He is retired now, but he played in Florida for several years!!! He is huge, and super humble. He is currently living in a two room house above another house. He is super cool! We are teaching him, and hoping that he can progress and leave his habits from the MLB behind. That will be hard, but we believe it is possible. I also learned how to play a game called the plaquita this week. It is kind of like miny baseball that the kids play in the street. It is kind of fun, and super easy to set up. There are two bottles set up about 50 feet apart, and there are two teams. One team each has a bat and stand infront of the bottles, and the other team pitches a ball at the bottle trying to knock it over. . The pitchers goal is to knock the bottle over, and the batters goal is to hit the ball far enough to run around the other bottle and make a point. We played with some kids we are teaching, and it was so fun. We got really hot and sweaty, but it was still tons of fun! Have a great week, and keep your eyes open for those that could use a helping hand!Elder Wilson


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