September 2, 2019


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This culture is deffinately not from the States.

Good morning and good afternoon!!This week I have been asked why I chose to follow Hitler and make myself arian. I have been asked to help sell drugs on a street corner. I have had my hair stroked by more kids than I knew existed, and I have been asked if we can test to see if my glasses are bullet-proof (thankfully guns are illeagle here.) To say the least, it has been a bit crazy. However, it was awesome, and I loved every second of it. This week has been a ton of learning. I'm still working on the language, and the language of the gosple, and how to teach people using basic concepts. All of which need TONS of help. It's been awesome though. Since I'm constantly surrounded by Spanish I have grown a ton in the last week, and gotten a ton more creative with my phrasing. If I dont know how to say something, I beat around the bush until they act like they know what I'm talking about. It's kind of an annoying game, especially when I only want one word, and it takes me 300 to get to where I want to be, because usually by then we are so off topic that it doesn't matter anymore. It's a hard way to learn vocab, but I suppose a functional way to get stuff done. The teaching is honestly one of the nicest parts of the language though. I feel like I know that vocabulary and can approach people and talk about it without fear of not having the word that I want. It's kind of nice in all honesty. As many of you may have heard there was almost a hurrican that passed through here... but it didn't so we'll just have to see if there is another. But apparently the people just don't get hit that hard by hiurricanes, and they just aren't really affected either. All of the buildings are made of concrete, so there is very little damage there, the whole place is built on a hill sloping toward the ocean, so there is little residule water, and the trash that is all over the road after the hurrincane was just on the side before, so it's easy just to push back where it came from. They all tell stories about cool stuff they saw durring hurricanes though, and everyone else around them will tell you that they are just making it up, and proceed to tell their own crazy stories. It's a strange dance. This week I also had my first baptism!! It was of a youth by the name of Carlos, who asked if the "gringito" could baptize him. I suppose whatever works. And it turns out that they don't have papers in the fonts here, so I got to try and memorize the prayer in like 10 minutes right before the baptism, because no one told me. It was awesome! I'll try to send a picture, but the internet is pretty slow, so I don't know how well it will work. The poeple here are awesome! Everyone here wants to hear about God, and every one will listen to your message as long as you are willing to share, and talk to them. They are super easy to talk to as well. They don't need a whole lot to get a conversation started and talk for as long as you will let them. Oh yeah, and the entire United States is New York to them. They all ask me what part of New York I'm from, and when I say Idaho they ask if that is by the Bronks, or Manhatten, of Albany. I haven't quite figured that one out, but I guess whatever works. Love you all!!Looks like pictures won't work, so have a great week!!Elder Wilson 


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